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This set contains:

- 1 Highly Detailed Setrek Kobold.
- Interchangeable weapons shown in the pictures.
- 1 Custom Base.


*All STLs are professionally supported, and an unsupported version is also included.
*All characters come with modular wrists-balljoints system, so you can customize your models and choose from various weapons and hands to make your perfect hero, warband, guild or RPG encounter.



Setrek Kobolds
Hailing from the desert city of Setrek, these Kobolds have adapted to the harsh environment, featuring elongated ears to dissipate the relentless heat of Denmora's Desert. Thriving as the lowest rung of society in the City of Intrigue, Setrek's streets are teeming with these diminutive creatures, often forced into lives of servitude as miners, mercenaries, or even thieves.
In the depths of Ifrit's Temple, several desert Kobold stand as silent sentinels, their presence a mystery to all but those brave enough to venture into the fiery depths. Legend has it that they arrived there after angering Djinn Alzakhm, who teleported them into the fiery Plane of Fire. Lost and disoriented, they wandered until they stumbled upon the Temple of Ifrit. His influence twisted their minds, enslaving them to the will of the Fire Monarch, Ifrit, as they now await the arrival of intruders, bound by his fiery command.


Files designed by Artisan Guild and are printed fully supported. 

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Raid at the Temple of Ifrit Kobold (F)

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